Visas, Permits and Assistance

You can acquire your visa in any tourist agent’s office or the Cuban Embassy in your country. We will take care of the rest upon your arrival, including working permits required. Assistance is offered for all Cuban Customs dealing regarding equipment, wardrobe and props you wish to bring.


The mild subtropical climate with an overage temperature of 25°C facilitates shooting in Cuba all year round. Great blue skies with bright clouds and fantastic light make Cuba a filmmaker’s paradise.

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Cuba is a safe country and personal security on the island is very good. People are friendly and foreigners are well protected, as tourism and foreign investment are vital to the Cuban economy.


The historical Cuban Film Industry has trained throughout the years highly professional, experienced and comprehensive crews that have experience working in foreign productions, especially over the last two decades.


Most equipment is available in Cuba, and what isn’t can easily be shipped in. Rental houses currently provide a proper range of Film Cameras, including Arriflex 435, Arri 16 SR, as well as digital cameras including the latest in Alexa, Red and Canon D5. Various series of lenses, camera rigs, underwater housing, cranes and dollies are available. A full range of internationally accepted lighting is on hand. (More information can be provided on request).

What’s has been shot in Cuba before?

What has been shot in Cuba before? Recent commercials shot on the island include: Guinness, Nestle, ING bank, McDonald, Knoor, Heineken, Lotto, Citroen, Nissan, VW, Lynx, Telefonica and Coca-Cola.

A long list of feature films has also been produced in Cuba.