We love making films, we adore Cuba and we enjoy working together

After knowing each other for more than 15 years, and already having a strong professional collaboration and friendship, we decided to establish CUBA LIBRE FILMS to offer you an innovative approach, and the efficient, friendly and top-notch production services you deserve.

Maria Elena Gioka has worked in production for commercials, for 20 years, starting as an Assistant Director before advancing to the position of Production Manager and eventually becoming an Executive Producer.

Ernesto Cinzi had been captivating the world of advertising as a creative director for two decades before moving onward to directing commercials. For the last 15 years Ernesto has continued to write produce and direct commercials all over Europe, the Middle East and Asia, gaining invaluable experience and insight into the international market.

We have a well-earned reputation for making things happen and for producing fine commercials within tight and consistent budget control, always making sure that cast, crew and agencies involved in productions enjoy the experience in a way that brings the best out of everyone.

Enjoy a Cuba Libre, makes you feel good!